Concrete Mixer

The concrete machine is designed electrically to be controlled via a PLC (Programable Logic Controller) system with a HMI Touch Screen Display (Human Interface touch screen) for operators use, interaction and operation of the machine.

There are also visual indication lights on the operators control panel and a speed pot for speed control on the screw pump. An audio-visual alarm is also situated on the main control panel for alarming and fault indication purposes.


  • Wall and Roof Thermal Insulation.
  • LSF Wall cavity Infill.
  • Void Filling.
  • Utility Trench Filling.
  • Block Production.
  • Structural Fill.
  • Floor Slabs.
  • Floor Screed.
  • Precast Panel.


  • Preprogrammed mix design (Max 10 mix designs).
  • Automated Water and Foam.
  • Auxilary 16Amp Power Supply.
  • HMI Touch Screen Control.
  • Auto Fault Finding.
  • Manual VSD Control.
  • Onsite Training and Support.

  • A diesel driven engine with enough capacity to operate the complete system in its full designed capacity.
  • The diesel driven engine is directly mechanically coupled to a hydraulic pump for all hydraulic driven motors and a mixer moving piston, an electrical alternator producing electrical power for the all electrical driven equipment of the concrete machine.
  • A multi-purpose mobile concrete processing machine to be utilised on any required site.
  • A semi-automatic concrete processing machine with different mixing recipes by making use of a PLC (Programming Logic Controller) with an HMI (Operators Human Interface).
  • A material mixing drum driven from a hydraulic motor in both forward and reverse operations, with loading and a tipping position driven via a hydraulic controlled piston.
  • A water dosing system with a onboard water tank.
  • A foam / chemical dosing system onboard foam / chemical tank.
  • A onboard air compressor electrical driven with a pressurised air vessel with air flow and pressure controlled valves also utilising an electrical driven air solenoid valve.
  • An onboard hydraulically driven screw pump with loading / feeding bucket for delivering the processed different mixed products to the site application.
  • An industrial socket outlet for a portable screw feeding conveyor that can be utilised in loading materials into the mixing drum.
  • An normal 16Amp standard socket outlet to be used for small electrically driven hand tools and machines.
  • A small flood light for night / dark light type operations required for the operation of the machine.

The electrical design is according to the current electrical standards and regulations as set out in the relevant South African National Standards and regulations for the electrical industry, and as per information related to LCD Holdings by the corresponding mechanical concrete machine designer and manufacturers of the complete mechanical construction.

It's however to be noted that the maintenance and installation of replacement parts for this product is to be carried out using "Qualified competent personal", and installed properly with after installation cold and hot commissioning procedures as per electrical schematic design, complete with electrical field and other interlocking inputs to the Control Panel as required, and that the use, operation and installation of this product is correct for what the intended design and operations is with no unauthorised modifications being carried out.

Each control panel is issued with a relevant Electrical Certificate with the relevant Voltage and current ratings, as well as equipment used and part no's. This electrical certificate bares the Control Panels unique serial no. to be used for future reference purposes.

Each Operators Control Panel and Main Control panel is Factory tested cold and hot commissioned prior to shipment / delivery of the machine. This enables you to be assured that the panel's electrical functions are all in order and no faults in its control circuitry is required for site. (Thus, the panel works correctly, any faults are in the field equipment not in the panel).